Monday, July 25, 2022

Maggie Moo

She plays the drums! Have you ever seen such a thing?

Maggie is the only one of the moo croo who was born at the Farm. She first discovered she had a great sense of rhythm after a mishap in the yard. She got her front hooves stuck in a couple of cartons, one of which was full of nails. For the rest of the day she walked around the farm with a bop, tish, bop, tish, bop, tish. Although she is glad she found her talent, she did learn that it's always best to clean up after yourself and put things away in a safe place.

Maggie is best friends with Ollie Oink and one Christmas, Ollie gave her the beautiful bell you can see in the pictures. The following year he bought them a large blanket to share, just to help keep each udder warm.

Although she mainly plays her drum, she occasionally hits her bell when she gets really excited.

Drummers all around the world are now using cowbells and it's all thanks to you know who! Her favourite song is 'Milkshake'. She says it's because she loves to have a dance and jiggle just before milking time.

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