Monday, July 25, 2022

Holly Hen

She plays the fiddle!

Holly grew up next door to the Farm with Ollie Oink. Being a bit of an ‘80s chick she spent a lot of her early days lying around in her shell suit, but as she grew older she really enjoyed playing games and going for long walks with Ollie.

When Ollie left for the Farm Holly started to feel a bit cooped up on her own so she hatched a plan to go and join the croo. Early one morning she scuttled off to the market where she found a lovely second hand fiddle. She practised and practised, day and night until she was confident enough to fly over the fence and play some songs to the others.

They all loved Holly’s playing and invited her to join them immediately. As she is good friends with Ollie, her favourite song is ‘Rhyming Animal Friends'. She also loves ‘Wake up, Good morning' because she always wakes up very early and it helps to get her moving and ready for the day ahead.

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