Doris Duck

Monday, July 25, 2022

Doris Duck

She plays the bass guitar!

You know how Doris came to be at the Farm, but how she started to play the bass is another story. Like all the best bass players Doris started out as a guitarist, but the rest of the Croo really needed someone to play the bass. One Christmas, Maggie, Ollie and Henry all chipped in and bought Doris a beautiful red bass. Doris quickly fell in love with her new bass and found it much easier to play than the guitar because of her large feathers. 

Doris has many hobbies, but she is happiest when she is doing sports. She loves playing football and her favourite footballer is Chris Waddle. She used to love playing dodgeball, but had to give up because she would just turn her head when someone shouted 'duck!'

The only sport she doesn’t like is the egg and spoon race for obvious reasons.

Her favourite song is 'I play the guitar' because although she loves playing bass, she still wants everyone to know that she can play the guitar.

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