Monday, July 25, 2022

Barry Baa

He plays the piano!

Barry has always lived at the Farm but until recently he's spent most of his time out in the fields. Being the oldest, best behaved sheep it was always his job to count the others in and out of the fold each day.

He enjoyed it very much but kept falling asleep on the job. Like Ollie, Barry used to enjoy listening to the rest of the croo singing their songs and playing their instruments and he decided he wanted to join them. Noticing they didn't have a piano in their band, Barry bought one and taught himself how to play it. The rest of the croo were so impressed with Barry's playing that they asked him to join in and even bought him a pair of cool rock star shades!

Barry often enjoys watching football with Doris and of course his favourite player is Alan Shearer. He says his favourite song is 'Find the rainbow' because he gets to play the piano really fast! He also loves ‘spring has sprung' because it reminds him of his birthday.

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